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Two Article Features!

It’s the time of year when getting mail through our door is actually exciting–and that’s not just because I have to pry it out of my dog’s mouth! I have been waiting for months… and it finally arrived!


Yes friends, I’ve been fortunate enough to have work published again!

A Trendy Article

Art Quilting Studio included an article I wrote about geometric animals in their most recent issue. The magazine photographed two examples for me, both my baby fox quilt and the baby elephant quilt.  I love the great job they do of laying everything out and matching colors. I wrote about embracing art styles and being culturally relevant. Of course, there are always reasons to go your own direction when being creative. I do explore the artistic strengths behind the geometric trend and I found it was a great exercise in recalling my college art theory!


These little guys are so bold and playful.  I hope one day they find a home in someone’s playroom or nursery!


A Special Series

The Giving Tree is a beautiful story about a loving tree and a growing boy. The book has inspired me to create a complex … Continue reading →

Nursery Art Quilts

How exciting are new babies?! I’ve had a few commissions for wall hangings celebrating new births lately. My favorite part? Each of them has a sweet story.

Moon Nursery Quilt

My dear friend Daryn wanted this moon quilt for her lovely sis-law. She has the cutest baby boy!

Valerie loves everything vintage and wanted a piece that could transition from baby Bo’s nursery to living space.  This is what I designed for her:

Vintage Tree Quilt

It took a special spot above the crib!

I got really excited to work on a girly one next:

Purple Story Nursery Quilt

Congrats to all the new mommas out there!