March 2015 archive

Nature Inspiring Art

Spring has finally found its way to my home in the Midwest! I have been eagerly anticipating the longer days, more sunshine, and the beginning of gardening season. Friends, I feel like I should do a happy dance! I might just share some nature inspired pieces with you instead.

Growth Series

Originally, I wanted to celebrate personal development with the first Growth composition. It was made from scraps of the dress that I made and wore to a very special event. The image of a plant had clearly come from a visible very small seed. The final image was a complex root system and colorful, beautiful leaves soaking up the sun. A firm foundation and personal strength were symbolized by those roots. I loved the final result and the emotions behind it so much that I turned Growth into a series!

It has been a while since I showed Growth II at my first craft show. It has such a wild background, and funky … Continue reading →

Hot Air Balloon Mini Quilt

I’ve been very busy in the studio, which is remarkable because of the dreary weather we’ve been having that absolutely gets me down! The past week or so I started a new series of children’s crown quilts, more on that later… In that time I also worked on three other small quilts.

I am excited to share another Balloon Fiesta quilt, this one is a mini, that will be matted and framed. I am on a framing kick, some clients of mine had requested that and it’s growing on me!  There are one or two downsides to framing, like the time investment, cost of the actual frame (which raises the overall cost) and they are harder to photograph in a frame.  But the quilts just look so darn professional framed, and that, friends, is hard to argue with!

And now… the new art quilt … Continue reading →