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A Neighborhood Revival

This weekend I had an awesome opportunity to be part of the Dutchtown Better Block Event! Imagine a giant block party with beautification projects up and down the street (including a really lovely mural.)  There were grand openings of shops, a photo booth, pop-up stores, food and music.

Mom to the Rescue!

Without a doubt, I wouldn’t have been nearly as prepared without the help of my husband and my amazing mom. She flew in from California to see us and I ended up putting her to work! She helped me mat and frame newer pieces, helped me to pick up my lovely banner, wrapped most of my work in cellophane, and provided a TON of moral support. My step-mom also came out to support me at the event. The lady on the the left gave me my short height genes, and the lady on the right loves me just as much!  I am blessed to have these two strong women in my life!

Rae with Mom

A Whole Lot of Work to Do!

My dear friend Adina helped me design my space in the Dutchtown Domestic Arts temporary pop-up store.  It was an old vacant plumbing building that looked like … Continue reading →

Why Sign Your Artwork, Especially Quilts!

Rae Sews Art Quilt Label

I have created years and years worth of artwork and rarely thought about signing it.  Granted, many of the most productive years I was a student, but unless an ornery professor put up a fight, or a patron insisted, I never signed my work. Big mistake!

5 Reasons to Always Sign Your Work

  1. A signature shows that you APPROVE the work. In simple terms:

    …signing a print is a really big deal! It’s like signing a check — if you didn’t write the check, and you don’t have the funds to back it up, you wouldn’t sign it. Right? Same thing with prints.
    Epic Edits

  2.  The work can be considered finished when it has a signature.
  3.  Artist Identification is so much easier with a signature. 100 years later, will they know your quilts by the individual dog or cat hair they found? (almost kidding!)
  4. Value may be added to the piece when signed.
  5. Free artist publicity.

Rich Tradition of Quilt Labels, Meet Fine Art

For literally hundreds of years, quilters have often included labels on the back of their quilts.  These labels can … Continue reading →