August 2014 archive

African Fabric Love

If you’re no stranger to my work, then you have seen some international prints pop up here and there! Indian Batiks get a lot of love in the quilting community, but my personal favorite choices are the bold and bright African designs.

I love using the vivid textures and cheerful colors to bring energy to my quilt portraits like this one:

Ashley Quilt

The depth and texture created by the intricate patterns really bring the figure to life!

I have amassed quite the stash of African prints to use. I first found a small assortment at my local quilt shop, The Quilted Fox. The owner told me … Continue reading →

Nursery Art Quilts

How exciting are new babies?! I’ve had a few commissions for wall hangings celebrating new births lately. My favorite part? Each of them has a sweet story.

Moon Nursery Quilt

My dear friend Daryn wanted this moon quilt for her lovely sis-law. She has the cutest baby boy!

Valerie loves everything vintage and wanted a piece that could transition from baby Bo’s nursery to living space.  This is what I designed for her:

Vintage Tree Quilt

It took a special spot above the crib!

I got really excited to work on a girly one next:

Purple Story Nursery Quilt

Congrats to all the new mommas out there!

For the Love of Portraits

I was always that nerdy kid sneaking glances at classmates so I could doodle their profile or posture onto a messy piece of paper.  I still do this in church on Sundays!

Drawing figures has always been a quirky little hobby of mine, but it has encouraged some art series that I have really grown through.

Honeybee Art Quilt

Some tips that have helped me capture faces:

  1. Use an easel and step back to look at your original sketch. This help keep away from a skewed perspective.
  2. Don’t worry about your sketch showing through to the final piece. It can add layers of detail and emotion that complement the final work!
  3. Carefully omitted details often say more than including each freckle or line.

Fangs Art Quilt

Ripples Art Quilt

I was lucky enough to have these three portrait quilts featured in Art Quilting Studio magazine (Winter 2014.)  Another featured artist I though was great was Danny Mansmith. You should check out his beautiful and interesting art pieces!

St Louis City Mini Quilt

Can I just say that I LOVE my neighborhood!? I live off of Cherokee Antique Row.

We are neighbors with the BEST coffee shop/restaurant, The Mud House. It has such original atmosphere and refreshments!  This time of year I crave their lavender lemonade.

Recently I made this mini quilt to celebrate my love of city living. It’s only about 8″x8″ – adorable!

City Mini Quilt

The idea of working small was inspired by a quilt I pinned from The Last Piece.

I plan to frame it with a white mat behind it.  Should look great!

The Beginning

Well, it’s only appropriate to start at the beginning, the place where I got my artistic and creative spirit.  The real topic today is the woman who gave me those genes!

Grams & Rae

The beautiful lady standing next to me is my Grams. <3 My parents aren’t really the artsy types, but I can trace it back to her! She is an amazing artist, quilter, world traveler, mother, and definitely one of the most awesome people in my life!

When I was about 15, she taught me to quilt.  I learned on her BEAUTIFUL mint green, vintage, built-in Singer sewing machine. Lovely.

She make fabulous award winning quilts, like this Lady Liberty:

Grams Lady Liberty Quilt

But my favorite thing that she does is encourage me in my art and life! She travels halfway across the country to celebrate art shows, life happenings, and good times with me. Her presence is such a gift.

FUN FACT: Her first quilt was my baby quilt! How is that for Destiny?!