Nature Inspiring Art

Spring has finally found its way to my home in the Midwest! I have been eagerly anticipating the longer days, more sunshine, and the beginning of gardening season. Friends, I feel like I should do a happy dance! I might just share some nature inspired pieces with you instead.

Growth Series

Originally, I wanted to celebrate personal development with the first Growth composition. It was made from scraps of the dress that I made and wore to a very special event. The image of a plant had clearly come from a visible very small seed. The final image was a complex root system and colorful, beautiful leaves soaking up the sun. A firm foundation and personal strength were symbolized by those roots. I loved the final result and the emotions behind it so much that I turned Growth into a series!

It has been a while since I showed Growth II at my first craft show. It has such a wild background, and funky … Continue reading →

Hot Air Balloon Mini Quilt

I’ve been very busy in the studio, which is remarkable because of the dreary weather we’ve been having that absolutely gets me down! The past week or so I started a new series of children’s crown quilts, more on that later… In that time I also worked on three other small quilts.

I am excited to share another Balloon Fiesta quilt, this one is a mini, that will be matted and framed. I am on a framing kick, some clients of mine had requested that and it’s growing on me!  There are one or two downsides to framing, like the time investment, cost of the actual frame (which raises the overall cost) and they are harder to photograph in a frame.  But the quilts just look so darn professional framed, and that, friends, is hard to argue with!

And now… the new art quilt … Continue reading →

Two Article Features!

It’s the time of year when getting mail through our door is actually exciting–and that’s not just because I have to pry it out of my dog’s mouth! I have been waiting for months… and it finally arrived!


Yes friends, I’ve been fortunate enough to have work published again!

A Trendy Article

Art Quilting Studio included an article I wrote about geometric animals in their most recent issue. The magazine photographed two examples for me, both my baby fox quilt and the baby elephant quilt.  I love the great job they do of laying everything out and matching colors. I wrote about embracing art styles and being culturally relevant. Of course, there are always reasons to go your own direction when being creative. I do explore the artistic strengths behind the geometric trend and I found it was a great exercise in recalling my college art theory!


These little guys are so bold and playful.  I hope one day they find a home in someone’s playroom or nursery!


A Special Series

The Giving Tree is a beautiful story about a loving tree and a growing boy. The book has inspired me to create a complex … Continue reading →

Very First Craft Show Experience

Saturday was my first ever, completely legitimate, no arguing about it, craft show experience. I kind of fell into the opportunity; a new friend I made at the Dutchtown Better Block event encouraged me to join in on the fun last minute. Wow–I’m SO glad I did!

A Lovely Fall Setting

The Garden Heights Art Walk was at a beautiful nursery in St. Louis. All the staff were supper friendly and helpful. They encouraged us to integrate the plants into our booths, so I grabbed a few pumpkins! Because Fall.

Rae Sews Art Booth

I was so happy to prepare for this show that I made a new plant inspired piece, and it sold quickly! Check my Instagram (@raesewsart) to keep up with new pieces and WIPs!

All in the Details

Planning out the details is what got me most excited for Saturday. It was things like my great banner, the one that my husband made for me. I also was thrilled to take the next step… Continue reading →

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Time!

I am so excited… it is about to begin!!!

Balloon Fiesta at Sunrise

Hands down, I have never seen any one event more beautiful and inspiring than the International Balloon Fiesta I was able to attend last year!  I am sad to miss the 2014 festival, so I decided to go back through my pictures, remember good times, and make another hot air balloon quilt.

What to Anticipate

This year, the festivities go from October 4th-12th. My sweet mom-in-law sent us a flier so we know what is going on.  The highlights include the Glowdeo, which is a balloon glow of only special shape balloons, like bees, a cow, dragons, and flowers. I also love the competitions when balloons launch over a mile away from Fiesta Field and fly in, trying to hit targets with rings or flags tossed from the moving pilot’s basket!

Check out this beautiful time-lapse by Roadtrippers of the Balloon Fiesta to get a good sense of the scale. Keep in mind, there are NINE days of the events!

My Favorite Part

Not very many people know this, but for a few days of the 2013 Fiesta … Continue reading →

A Neighborhood Revival

This weekend I had an awesome opportunity to be part of the Dutchtown Better Block Event! Imagine a giant block party with beautification projects up and down the street (including a really lovely mural.)  There were grand openings of shops, a photo booth, pop-up stores, food and music.

Mom to the Rescue!

Without a doubt, I wouldn’t have been nearly as prepared without the help of my husband and my amazing mom. She flew in from California to see us and I ended up putting her to work! She helped me mat and frame newer pieces, helped me to pick up my lovely banner, wrapped most of my work in cellophane, and provided a TON of moral support. My step-mom also came out to support me at the event. The lady on the the left gave me my short height genes, and the lady on the right loves me just as much!  I am blessed to have these two strong women in my life!

Rae with Mom

A Whole Lot of Work to Do!

My dear friend Adina helped me design my space in the Dutchtown Domestic Arts temporary pop-up store.  It was an old vacant plumbing building that looked like … Continue reading →

Why Sign Your Artwork, Especially Quilts!

Rae Sews Art Quilt Label

I have created years and years worth of artwork and rarely thought about signing it.  Granted, many of the most productive years I was a student, but unless an ornery professor put up a fight, or a patron insisted, I never signed my work. Big mistake!

5 Reasons to Always Sign Your Work

  1. A signature shows that you APPROVE the work. In simple terms:

    …signing a print is a really big deal! It’s like signing a check — if you didn’t write the check, and you don’t have the funds to back it up, you wouldn’t sign it. Right? Same thing with prints.
    Epic Edits

  2.  The work can be considered finished when it has a signature.
  3.  Artist Identification is so much easier with a signature. 100 years later, will they know your quilts by the individual dog or cat hair they found? (almost kidding!)
  4. Value may be added to the piece when signed.
  5. Free artist publicity.

Rich Tradition of Quilt Labels, Meet Fine Art

For literally hundreds of years, quilters have often included labels on the back of their quilts.  These labels can … Continue reading →

African Fabric Love

If you’re no stranger to my work, then you have seen some international prints pop up here and there! Indian Batiks get a lot of love in the quilting community, but my personal favorite choices are the bold and bright African designs.

I love using the vivid textures and cheerful colors to bring energy to my quilt portraits like this one:

Ashley Quilt

The depth and texture created by the intricate patterns really bring the figure to life!

I have amassed quite the stash of African prints to use. I first found a small assortment at my local quilt shop, The Quilted Fox. The owner told me … Continue reading →

Nursery Art Quilts

How exciting are new babies?! I’ve had a few commissions for wall hangings celebrating new births lately. My favorite part? Each of them has a sweet story.

Moon Nursery Quilt

My dear friend Daryn wanted this moon quilt for her lovely sis-law. She has the cutest baby boy!

Valerie loves everything vintage and wanted a piece that could transition from baby Bo’s nursery to living space.  This is what I designed for her:

Vintage Tree Quilt

It took a special spot above the crib!

I got really excited to work on a girly one next:

Purple Story Nursery Quilt

Congrats to all the new mommas out there!

For the Love of Portraits

I was always that nerdy kid sneaking glances at classmates so I could doodle their profile or posture onto a messy piece of paper.  I still do this in church on Sundays!

Drawing figures has always been a quirky little hobby of mine, but it has encouraged some art series that I have really grown through.

Honeybee Art Quilt

Some tips that have helped me capture faces:

  1. Use an easel and step back to look at your original sketch. This help keep away from a skewed perspective.
  2. Don’t worry about your sketch showing through to the final piece. It can add layers of detail and emotion that complement the final work!
  3. Carefully omitted details often say more than including each freckle or line.

Fangs Art Quilt

Ripples Art Quilt

I was lucky enough to have these three portrait quilts featured in Art Quilting Studio magazine (Winter 2014.)  Another featured artist I though was great was Danny Mansmith. You should check out his beautiful and interesting art pieces!

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